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Can you highlight variable data in color?

Absolutely.  If you are trying to emphasize a chart, or hightlight a particular comment or statement, variable color print may be your answer.  Nothing brings a reader’s eyes to the crucial information like a well placed color highlight. 

Can Bar Codes or Scan Lines be printed on my billing forms?
Yes, CDM can print most industry standard codes to satisfy your remittance processing needs.

Will CDM NCOA (National Change of Address) update my mailing?
If you are currently using an auxiliary endorsement of “Return Services Requested” or “Address Service Requested” it is not necessary to NCOA your mailing list. CDM will continue to use that endorsement monthly. By endorsing monthly you stay well within United States Postal Service Regulations.

If you are not currently using an endorsement, CDM will NCOA update your first mailing and then place you on a monthly endorsement program.

How long will it take to get started?
Streamline applications using black ink on stock colored or white paper can be up and running in a matter of days. A custom design form may take a little longer. CDM will design for your approval the custom forms that meet your needs.

Who are your clients?
We serve cable companies, electric co-ops, municipal and private utilities, tax collectors, property appraisers, community service organizations, and education organizations, as well as small businesses and individuals who need printing, billing, and mailing services.

How will I provide my data files to CDM?
CDM accepts your data FTP, e-mail and CD-ROMs.

What data format do you accept?
CDM prefers Excel, ASCII, and EBCDIC files are accepted but will require extra time for conversion. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) projects are best sent in Microsoft Word format.

When can my notices be mailed?
Your Account Executive will work with you to determine your mail date and due date for data submission, based on your timeline.

From the time you receive my data when should I expect my bills in the mail?
CDM’s goal is to have your bills in the mail in 24 hours.

What if my mailing date is on the week-end or a holiday?
Your mailing will be the first business day after the specified mail date.

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